ben leone  Yesterday & Today

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2017 events                                               email:
Saratoga Rotary Art & Wine Festival May 6, 7 West Valley College www.   
   Los Altos Art & Wine Festival  July 8,9  Main St.     to be confirmed                                                     
Almaden Art &Wine Festival    Sept 17        Lake Almaden Park       

My works are comprised of two completely different collections that reflect how the "Valley of Heart's Delight" has evolved to "Silicon Valley".  From "Beatle Boots" to "Power Suits", for me it has always been about the art.    Enjoy......... Ben Leone

~Flashback~  ("Yesterday")                                                    ~TechScapes~  ("Today")
"Flashback"...the British invasion,
the Summer of Love.... when music and innocence changed forever.

My paintings capture the excitement, the trepidation, and the free spirit of a teenager growing up in the 60's.

No longer practicing in a garage band or playing drums at senior proms.  I've instead
chosen to express, through oil on canvas, the
euphoria of a "Flashback", reflecting on a period in my life that remains vivid & alive
through the imagery and colors I've chosen
to employ.

TechScapes” is the result of my two primary passions. The first is my commitment to semiconductor “mask design”. This is the art of chip design, the routing of electrical circuits for the purpose of maximizing the performance of a chip, while minimizing the physical size required to accomplish a given circuit’s function.

This skill, combined with my second passion, painting, has resulted in these dramatic and seemingly “abstract” artworks. In fact, my paintings are anything but abstract. My works are “artistic” representations of actual working semiconductor chip circuits, the building blocks from which all electronic systems are developed.

"inverter 4" cover image of Nilsson & Riedel
"Electric Circuits 9th Edition"